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What are Branded SMS messages ?

Show your own cell phone number when sending text messages from SMS Markaz!

Branded SMS is a revolutionary feature of SMS Markaz, you can send the outgoing messages with your own outgoing number worldwide with very economical rates worldwide. Much cheaper than your mobile operator's rates.

This is useful if customers wishes to set their mobile number in order to receive replies or so that the recipient can identify the sender.

Whenever you send an SMS from our "Simple SMS method" the receiver gets our random system numbers, and when the sender replies back that goes to the online inbox. With "Branded SMS" messages the outgoing number will be your mobile number, and the reply will directly be sent to your mobile number. The receiver will think that you sent the SMS from your own mobile phone! You can send "Branded SMS" messages worldwide. For details about our covered networks please Click here

Without Branded SMS


Without branded SMS the receiver received the message from SMS Markaz's random number

With branded SMS the receiver received the message from YOUR OWN mobile number!

By default the outgoing number for "Branded SMS" will be the number which you verified while registration. You can add 3 numbers in your account. When you will add a new number you will receive an SMS to that mobile with a confirmation code, which you need to enter in your account to validate your mobile. Once this is done, all SMS message you send from Branded SMS section will show your mobile number as the sender ID.

Features of Branded SMS:

  • Send SMS with your own mobile number.

  • Receive replies on your mobile phone.

  • Save cost on Worldwide SMS messages, our rates are much lower than the mobile operator's rates.

  • Messages delivered in seconds.

  • Receive real time delivery reports

- Click here to check our Branded SMS rates
- Click here to check our worldwide network coverage

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