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What is Unique ID ?

If your friends and family want to send you a message when you are not online than they can use your "Unique ID" and send the message to you. Its very simple. Just enter "Unique ID" in the start of the message and send on our incoming numbers. Your message will be stored in your inbox, and/or forwarded to your mobile/email as per your settings.

The Unique ID is 6 characters long. You can specify Unique ID (such as abbreviated form of your "Nick Name", "BrandName" or "CompanyName"). You can choose the Unique ID while registration, this Unique ID can not be changed. So be careful before selecting it.

This Unique ID needs to be used in the format, while sending SMS from mobile

Format : UniqueID Message (UniqueID Space Message)

Example: fahad8 Hello Fahad, how are you doing?

In above example "fahad8" is the Unique Id and after the space the message starts.

Messages in the above format should be sent to our dedicated numbers


03349 777666

(From All over the World)

IMPORTANT: If you send them an SMS from SMS Markaz and the receiver replies you back in 15 minutes they won't have to enter any Unique ID. They can simply reply back on the same number from where they received the SMS from. The Unique ID is applicable only when you are not online and people want to send you a message.

Who can use our Two-way Service?
Individuals staying out of Pakistan & want to stay in touch with friends/relatives in Pakistan .
Example: A user living abroad wants to stay in touch with his relatives in Pakistan. Using the "Unique ID" feature, he can receive incoming messages from Pakistan on his SMS Markaz Account, ensuring he is always in touch & that too at Pakistani SMS rates. He can also opt to allow the messages to be forwarded to his Mobile by using.

*The incoming messages will not be charged except for forwarding them to your Mobile.

* Mobile Forward will be charged as per SMS Markaz pricing.

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