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How does SMS reply service work?

All text messages carry a sending number. If you send a text message from your mobile phone, the sending number is, of course, your mobile phone number. When you send a text message through SMS-Markaz, by default, the sending number will be one of the SMS-Markaz equipment numbers. This means if someone replies, their reply will be sent to our system.

SMS Reply Service

How does SMS-Markaz's SMS reply service work?

Once you have sent someone a SMS through SMS-Markaz, if they reply back in 30 minutes it will find its way to our system and we will route their reply back to you.

Reply options

SMS-Markaz provides two ways to receive replies, and also supports a sender ID:

  • Replies sent to SMS-Markaz's standard mobile phone numbers: when someone replies to your sent message then the reply will be delivered to your SMS-Markaz account. So, depending on your settings, it will ultimately be routed to your online inbox, to your email account/server, and/or to your mobile phone (standard charges applied for SMS forwarding to your mobile). It is easy to change your message settings anytime.
  • Replies to your own mobile phone: if you'd like to receive the replies directly to your mobile phone than use the "Branded SMS service". Your message will be sent from your own registered number, you can save upto three different numbers from which you can send the messages. Branded SMS Service offers very competitive worldwide charges.
  • You can receive SMS even when you are offline. It's as easy as abc! use our free "Unique ID" service to receive the messages in your inbox when you are not around your computer,

Conversations are better than Monologues: Two Way SMS Messaging

With our text messaging reply service, you can use text messaging for truly two-way communication. Businesses can use our online SMS service to stay in touch with customers and field-based employees; private customers can stay in contact with family members and friends.

Another advantage is that you don�t really need a mobile phone or mobile coverage to use our two-way service because your recipients send their replies to SMS-Markaz numbers, which are always on. And SMS-Markaz reply numbers can handle thousands of replies per hour, so replies back to you will never bounce...

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