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Phone Book and SMS Forwarding

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What is Phone Book ?

Add your family and friends contacts in your Phone book to avoid typing their number again and again!.

You can now store all your contact mobile numbers in a very simple-to-use Phone book. You can -

  • Simply type in the name and mobile numbers of each contact manually and save them. This is a one-time process.
  • Forward the incoming SMS to your mobile, forward to your email, set auto responder or block the messages from this contact.
  • Upload a Text file (notepad file) containing the names and/or numbers of your contacts {as Comma Separated Values)
  • Upload a Microsoft Excel file containing the names and/or numbers of your contacts. The format is name in the first column, country code in second column,, service code in third column (for Pakistani numbers) and mobile number in forth column. For details please visit the "Import Contacts" articles in this section.

Once you have all your contacts into the Phonebook, you can send SMS Text messages to the contact by directly selecting from the Phonebook rather than typing in the numbers manually each time.

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