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Checking INCOMING messages ?

SMS Markaz offers you a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter or delete these received messages as per your need.

Your incoming messages are stored in your secure online account automatically, even if you are not online. You can check your inbox by clicking on the "Inbox" link on the top menu.

How it works?
When you send a message from SMS Markaz to some one in Pakistan and they reply you back (on the same number from where they received the SMS) within 15 minutes the message will be moved to your inbox immediately. However if they are not available to reply you in 15 minutes or they want to send you a message when you are not online than they can use the "Unique ID" based service, for details please click here.

To Read a new message

  1. Open your inbox

  2. Click on the Sender's number to read the message. (If you have stored the number in your phone book than you will see the sender's name and number there)

You can click on icon to launch the message notifier window, whenever the new message will arrive you will hear a ring tone. You can select your favorite ring tone by clicking on "My Account" link on the top header.

Here's how to interpret the columns in your inbox:

  • If you have applied a label to the contact than you will see this icon next to the name/number

  • Open SMS The new message will have this icon in "Status Column"

  • Open SMS The old or already read message will have this icon in the "Status Column"

  • The "Time and Date" column will show the time and the date when the message was received

  • Delete Click on this icon to Delete the message

  • Open SMS Click on this icon in "Options" column to mark this message as "Unread". It will mark the status of the message as new.

  • To DELETE multiple messages Use the check boxes on the left to select them, and press the Delete button at the bottom.

  • To SAVE multiple messages Use the check boxes on the left to select them, and press the Save button at the bottom.

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