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How can i BLOCK users from sending me SMS?

If you received an unnecessary message, or you are being bothered by some one than you can easily block him/her from sending you a message using SMS Markaz. Its very easy to block a single user, or all users.

Every sender has a Sender ID, which is given under every SMS. When you receive a message you will see the sender's ID at the end of the message.

An example message

In this example message the Sender's Id is given at the end, which is 143050 (you will receive a different sender ID, this ID 143050 is given for example only.)

To block this user simply press the reply button on your phone and write Block 143050 and press Send. (see the image below)

Please make sure you give a space after Block and before the sender ID, and do not enter any thing else. Follow the format carefully.

Block <space> SenderID.

You will receive a confirmation message from SMS Markaz that you have successfully blocked the sender. If you do not get a confirmation message in 4-5 minutes than repeat the process again.

To block all users of SMS markaz follow the steps given below.

1. Compose a new message
2. Enter Block All and send it to 03349 777666

3.  You will receive a confirmation message that you have blocked all users from sending you messages using SMS Markaz.

If you have any serious complaint, or you want to report any message than please click here to contact us.

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